Out of missteps such as these, and some very personal frustrations, Flanzraich’s company Greatist was born. The health and fitness media start-up has grand ambitions: namely, “to be the defining brand and business of this generation in terms of healthy living,” and to make a real difference in people’s lives. “People are taking their health more seriously today than ever before,” Flanzraich says. “That’s partly because we’ve never had to take it so seriously and partly because the world is simply changing. More information and more choice can be a good thing. The unfortunate truth about the health and wellness space is that it’s been really easy to make money the easy way. “I’m driven by the both the massive opportunity to make an impact and the real need to have a brand and business that people can trust.
Being a founder is about being driven to distraction by life so much that you decide to put something new in it, an act of creation," he says. "Being a CEO is an act of execution, it’s not about being driven to distraction; it’s about a relentless focus on what you’re doing. There’s a tremendous amount of personal growth and change that you have to go through in order to begin that journey.
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